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Is there any way to recover photo files from external hard drive?

By mistake I erased all the photos from my external HDD, which I was collecting from 4 years. I was eliminating useless files from my external HDD, along with unless files I accidentally select my photo file folder and delete it. I check it Out on Trash Bin, but it was not there. Now, how can I retrieve photos from external hard drive? I don’t have backup.


The reply to this issue: Yes!!! There is a possibility to retrieve lost/ deleted photographs from external hard drive. Due to the fact, whenever you remove any picture from your external hard drive, the removed pictures are not really deleted, it only become invisible and replaced by free space and are available to be overwritten by data. So if you are the one who lost his or her vital pictures from external storage drive, then first make sure that don’t use your external HDD to add any new photographs or other media files. Keep your external hard drive unused after experiencing data loss and choose proficient software to recover photo from external hard drive.


Have a look on some common factors that causes data loss from external HDD:

  • Mishandling of drive: Arbitrarily taking out the drive, during file transfer method ends in data loss as a result.
  • Virus infection external hard drive: Dangerous malware invasion to the report program with the external hard drive results in push document program data corruption lastly comes to an end together with data loss.
  • Losing files due to individual mistake: In hurry you could unintentionally delete report for example music, video clip or photo documents from the hard drive.
  • Format error: Sometime as we connect external hard drive to our PC, a format error message blinks up. This message forces us to format external drive, without giving any chance to create a backup.


Strategy to recuperate photographs from hard drive:

Photograph recuperate software programs are an efficient and a strong picture recuperation application, which helps users to be able to rescue photo information coming from external hard drive loss of data troubles. It supports recuperation of photograph from several types of flash cards such as XD credit card, Micro SD, Mini SD, and Mini SDHC. This tool is available for both Windows and Mac users. It’s Mac version is called as Mac picture recovery program.


This kind of restoration tool also facilitates restoration of RAW photo file format such as NEF, CR2, CRW, DNG, ARW, ORF, PEF, Organic, X3F, RAF, KDC, MOS, FFF, MRW, 3FR, SR2, 3FR, R3D, K25, DCR, SRW, MEF, PXN taken via expert cameras. By using this program, you are able to recover external hard drive of assorted manufacturers including Seagate, New laptop, Hitachi, HP etc. Check out the link in this page to find out more details about this tool.


Way to use photo recovery tool:

First download photo recovery software on your PC or laptop, and then connect your external HDD to the computer. Launch the recovery program and according to your data loss scenarios you had faced, select option visible on the main screen. Let the recovery process to finish and then select the photos that you want to recover back. View your recover photos files by using preview option. If you are happy with the result, then choose the location to save rescued images.


Precautions to be followed:

Whilst removing multiple files using “mark” option, verify 2 times whether the marked files are the one to be deleted or not. Don’t remove the external hard drive out of your computer in the course of file sharing process. Don’t save the rescued photo files on same external drive from where you’re retrieving ii. Use strong power source to get rid from abnormal system termination problem. Don’t connect your external hard drive with already infected machine.



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