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How to backup Outlook mails safely

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client or the personal information manager, it is offered as a part of MS office suite. It is widely used in many corporations for various functions like to coordinate employees meetings, calendar events, shared mailboxes, etc. Outlook has many useful capabilities such as to maintain emails, scheduling calendar, journals, to do listing, surf the web, etc. Moreover, the Outlook reduces the gap between Access databases, Word documents, and the Excel spread sheets.


As the Outlook is used to maintain important information, you need to be aware from loss of data from it. In order to be safe in case of Outlook data loss, you need to backup emails and other attributes of Outlook. To backup Outlook emails successfully, you need to utilize a best third party tool like Outlook backup software.


Let us have a look at the some situations where the Outlook backup will become necessary.


  • User mistakes: as a human the mistakes can happen many times such as accidental formatting of hard drive and hence the loss of files including PST files.
  • Improper termination of Outlook: The Outlook may be terminated abruptly in the event of sudden power failure, operating system crash or because of user error. In this case the chances of PST file corruption are increases and all data stored in it will become inaccessible.
  • Virus infection: This is the big problem facing every user over the globe. The virus or spyware is a type of program which can corrupt single PST file or sometimes the complete hard drive so that you may not be able to access any data from your Outlook.
  • File system corruption: The file system of hard drive is very important in order to keep files systematically, and access files easily and quickly. So, once the file system is corrupted all files stored in hard drive cannot be accessed including PST file.


In the above explained situations you may lose your important office emails, attachments, client billing information and your personal details. So, in order to overcome from situations you need to maintain backup of your Outlook information but the Microsoft Outlook cannot have an inbuilt backup utility. In that case you may use import and export options, to backup PST file manually. But the manual procedure to backup Outlook data is not a safe as it can be error prone and also it can consume more time. The reason behind this error may be the larger size of PST files i.e. 50 GB, coming in the latest version of Outlook. Even it can leads to incomplete backup i.e. the some of the Outlook settings may not be copied using import and export options. Therefore, it is necessary to use Outlook backup software. Using this software you can backup Outlook 2010 address book or any attribute of Outlook from any version of Outlook.


Let us see the advantages of Outlook backup tool and that are attracted to many Outlook users. It has an easy to use and attractive graphical user interface that is suitable to use for both normal user as well as experts. It can facilitate an option to create and associate backup profiles. You can backup emails automatically everyday using built scheduler feature. Even you can save disk space by compressing backup file using compressing technique. It is also helpful to migrate and transfer Outlook data from older version of Outlook or operating system to the newer version of Outlook or operating system. You can check capability of the software using trial version available on company website. You can easily download and install it in your computer.

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