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Best software to perform MacBook Air Trash recovery

MacBook Air is a thinnest laptop produced by Apple Inc. This device is highly preferred by users because it uses Mac OS X which is a secure and most reliable OS. This operating system includes a set of improved features which can easily manage and store similar file types in the separate folder called directory. The file type in Mac computer depends upon the application that you are using to create which include Word, Excel, Access, music, video, photos etc.


Trash in Mac OS is similar to Recycle Bin in Windows operating system, where the files after deletion are stored. Whenever you store a file in the Mac Trash folder, it is temporarily stored in a hidden folder at home directory called .Trash.  Trash size is automatically allocated by Mac operating system. Despite the fact that Mac is a highly secure OS and it uses effective file system, it is also prone to data loss because of different reasons and you may suffer severe loss of data.


Consider a situation where accidentally you clicked “Empty Trash” option from Finder menu leading to deletion of all the stored files from Trash Bin. Later you realized that the Trash was also consisting of some considerable files in addition with some unneeded files. In MacBook Air there is no option to retrieve files emptied from Trash thus cannot be recovered back. This might be the most terrible situation and you must be rushing out to restore the lost files from MacBook Air Trash. However, don’t worry!!! Now it’s easy to get back all the emptied files from Trash by using good third party file recovery software. One such proficient tool is Mac Trash recovery software which made MacBook Air Trash recovery possible.


Common reasons behind data loss from MacBook Air:  

  • There is a possibility where by mistake you might select a precious file from Trash on MacBook Air laptop while deleting some of the redundant files.
  • Usage of direct keyboard shortcut i.e. “Shift+Command+Delete” keys to empty Mac Trash without verifying the files saved in Trash also results in data loss.
  • Malfunctioning of third party tool or applications may also cause deletion or loss of the important files stored on the hard drive.
  • If you use “Command+Delete” Key combination in order to delete some files then the file will bypass the Trash and you end up losing all the data.

In the event if you delete an individual file or empty the Trash folder, the file allocation table deletes only the index and the original data will remain intact on the Mac hard drive but it makes the files inaccessible to the user.


So if you want to restore the data lost as a result of emptying Trash or any other data loss scenario then you can try Mac Trash recovery software and get back all your lost data. This software is highly recommended by professionals because it can even undelete documents from Mac OS X. This tool supports data recovery of the files which bypass the Trash Bin when they exceed the size of Trash folder.


It can also restore data from different digital devices like external HDD, flash memory cards, USB hard drives on Mac machine. This utility can easily run on all the versions of Mac OS X 10.5 and above including Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Mountain Lion. This tool comes up with powerful scanning algorithm which allows you to find and recover the file. By making use of this recovery software it is simple recover different media files like pictures, video clips, audio files etc.


In order to try the software just go through the below mentioned steps:

Download the demo version and install it on your Mac based computer. Now run the tool and choose appropriate recovery options which you may face while using Mac Trash recovery program. Once Trash recovery process is done you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are pleased with the results then you can get the full version of the software available in the market.

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